Inspection Services

Inspection Services2020-04-22T19:04:29+04:30

Nowadays, in the agricultural products, overusing of poisons and fertilizers is becoming the biggest global concern. Giti Afrooz Pardis Ldt. by relying upon its experts and specialists and by having confirmed competence from The National Qualification center of Iran NACI according to the requirements of INSO-ISO-IEC 17020, offering its services as follow:


  • Inspection and issuing the certificate of production requirements, Food products labeling and inspecting all Organic products for all agricultural produces, animals and poultry, Aquatics, beekeeping affairs according to the National Iranian Standards code no. INSO 11000.
  • Inspections and Certifying good agricultural activities (GAP) in the gardens, farms and greenhouses for fruits, vegetables, medicine plants and etc.
  • Offering Inspection services and cooperation of Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, National Standard Organization, Medical Crops and other service provider and producer companies in order to get the Certificate of Standards of application of limited contamination and the residual of heavy metals and poisons in the agricultural products and other related standards.